Our favourite teenage witch is all grown up with three kids of her own, but that doesn’t mean we don’t miss the days when life was simple and a talking cat provided comic relief. 

And even the wise actress who fell onto our screens as the main character in “Clarissa Explains It All” has body image insecurities. 

After putting on 60 pounds (27kg) with her last pregnancy three years ago, Melissa Joan Hart has had issues getting rid of the pregnancy weight.

But the actress stepped out on the weekend showing off a much slimmer figure for her sister’s Bachelorette party in Miama, showing off her new bod after losing approximately 20kg!

With the Bride-to-Be @trishalhart! #ThatsWhatSheSaid #bachelorette

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We think she looks amazing (not that she hasn’t always looked gorgeous)!


And it seems she is letting her hair down after being stricter with her diet and exercise while shedding the pounds. 

The 39-year-old looked completely confident and comfortable while flaunting her swimmers in the water and while hitting up the clubs. 

One post also sees her credit @Nutrisystem for the weight loss. 

“On the inside, it just meant confidence. It just made me happier,” she told Mirror.co.uk.


“It made me feel physically and emotionally lighter to be able to do the things I wanna do, to be able to wear the clothes I wanna wear, to be able to feel sexy around my husband again.

“I’m very proud of myself.”

She also stated that part of her motivation for weight loss was to make the time spent with her children easier while chasing them around. 

Just in case you missed the 90s when she was a fresh faced teen here is our own #flashback. You’re welcome!