Megan Gale has finally spoken online about the tragic loss of her brother, Jason Gale’s death.

After being understandably silent on all socials for months, Megan posted a video on her Instagram thanking her fans for their “beautiful messages.”

“Checking in and saying hi. Well it’s been a while.

I hope everyone has been keeping well.

I thought I’d jump on and have a bit of a chat.

It’s been probably the hardest couple of months of my life and I honestly have had no desire to post anything. Even this felt foreign to me.

What I’ve been through in recent times certainly wasn’t the most positive of experiences to document and I most certainly couldn’t fathom the thought of turning my circumstances into content.


That just seemed so very wrong.

To everyone who has messaged me in regards to my brother and asked if I’m ok, thank you from the bottom of my heart.

I am fine. Not amazing but doing ok.

And so thankful for so much.”


You can watch her full 13 minute video above where she updates everyone on where she is at.

“While things haven’t been great in my life the last couple of months, I am okay. So thank you for your beautiful messages.”

Our thoughts are with you and your family Megan!

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