Hollywood star Matt Damon has tried to give a black, female film producer a lesson in diversity, and the internet is not happy about it.

On the season four premiere of Project Greenlight, the HBO show about first-time filmmakers directing feature films, a team of producers including Damon, Ben Affleck and Effie Brown (who produced Dear White People) discuss which director they want to use for the film.

Brown voiced concern about how the director will treat the only black character in the film – Harmony, a prostitute who gets hit by her white pimp.

Damon interrupted Brown, saying they should pick a director based on merit, not diversity.

He then went on to lecture Brown about how diversity works in Hollywood.

“When we’re talking about diversity, you do it in the casting of the film, not in the casting of the show,” said Damon.

“Wow. Ok,” said Brown.


Twitter reacted with anger and the hashtag #Damonsplaining.

“Matt Damon is one of the most left wing actors he has been on front lines of all sorts of anti racist work its not even funny,” Zaid Jilani tweeted.

“Feeling good that I’ve only seen one film that Matt Damon is in. And he wasn’t the star,” Amadi wrote.

“Havs Matt Damon ever made a movie with a black leading man?” asked DonnaLaughsAtHyenas.

Aaron Nelson used a line out of Damon’s Oscar-winning film Good Will Hunting to make his point.

“You like apples? Well I just schooled a successful black film director about race and diversity. How about them apples? #Damonsplaining,” tweeted Aaron Nelson.


“The Bourne White Supremacy #Damonsplaining,” tweeted Troll Cat.


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