MasterChef Australia fans would have noticed a missing face from last night’s elimination round.

“So, before we get to today’s challenge, we’ve got some news. You’re probably wondering where Ben is, yeah,” Jock told the contestants.

“Due to a personal matter, Ben has had to leave the competition, and he will not be returning.”

Instead of going into more detail about Ben’s sudden departure, it was overshadowed by details of the day’s challenge. It was at that moment that we realised the popular reality program wouldn’t be going into any further detail about Ben leaving.

Newly-eliminated Hayden Quinn joined Jonesy & Amanda to address what really happened when Jock made the announcement.

“In the show, we live in our different apartments. We’re not living in one big house so we don’t see each other all the time other than on set,” Hayden explained.

“We didn’t know until we turned up and Ben wasn’t there, and then jock said what he said. So, yeah, I don’t know.”


Click ‘PLAY’ below for our full chat with Hayden Quinn:

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