Following a string of rumours, Married At First Sight season 5 star Telv Williams has confirmed that he is expecting another child.

Taking to Instagram, Telv posted a video with a lengthy caption yesterday, addressing the rumours surrounding his baby news.

The 34-year-old confirmed in the announcement that he is expecting his third child with a woman who is not his current girlfriend, Katie Beever.

“For the people asking, YES I’m having a baby,” Telv wrote in the post. “This video should clear up all the rumours going around. No it’s not with my current partner Kate just FYI.”

He continued by saying that this was not a topic that he originally planned to discuss in the media but after the news got out, he felt that he needed to clear up what was true and what wasn’t.

“This situation isn’t something I wanted to address publicly because it (sic) my business and no one else’s but with the articles floating around I guess I just wanted to put it to rest and hope people can respect my privacy moving forward,” he continued in the caption.


In the actual video message, Telv continued to speak about the woman he is having the baby with, saying that she’s not just a “random” and is actually an ex-grilfriend that he dated for a few months last year.

“Since knowing her we’ve actually become pretty good friends,” Telv said. “Our relationship is pretty good at the moment.”

Telv also expressed that he was happy about expanding his little family.

“To all the people messaging me asking me if I’m okay, children are a blessing, so I’ve never been better. I’m going to add to my family, it’s fantastic,” he concluded.

Telv is already a father to a Telv Jr and Micah with his ex-partner Amy Gowers.


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