Even though the last season of Married At First Sight aired right at the beginning of this year, the drama that it created was so epic that it’s still something that we continue to talk about today.

And so while you might be thinking, ‘How on earth are they going to top this in the next season?’ it seems that the people over at Channel Nine already have a sneaky plan up their sleeves.

Reports are surfacing that one of the season favourites from 2018’s season of MAFS and one of the guys that was in the centre of the major cheating scandal is being brought back for another season!

And apparently that person is none other than Ryan Gallagher! The cheeky larrikin that fans of the show found a spot in their hearts for after his “wife” Davina attempted to ditch him for fellow contestant Dean.


Reports season favourite Ryan Gallagher Will Return To Married At First Sight In 2019

Due to his popularity with the fans, NW Magazine is reporting that Ryan is going to make an epic return and it’s set to create some serious drama.


“It’s the biggest secret of next season,” said a source to NW.

“Fans were obsessed with him, so Channel Nine were desperate to bring him back.”

But according to the source, producers aren’t going to bring him back in any normal way.

In fact he  won’t even take part in the blind-weddings that occur in the first few episodes. It’s being reported that Ryan’s role will be as an intruder to stir up some serious drama with the other couples.

“They want to bring him in halfway through the season at a dinner party and see if any of the girls ditch their hubbies for him,” continued the insider.

But apparently this devious plan almost didn’t go ahead. 30-year-old Ryan wasn’t keen on returning to the show at first, not only because of his bad experience the first time around but because he had actually met someone on the outside.


“At first it wasn’t even an option because he’d tried it once before – and that ended in disaster – and then he met someone that he was keen on,” revealed the source.

Following his stint on the reality dating show, Ry was reported to be dating Kiwi model Ayla Browne.


“It’s my first relationship since the show and my first real relationship in the past four years,” he said to Nine Honey Celebrity.

“She’s met my parents and everything…She’s the fifth girl I’ve taken down there…or actually the father – I don’t include Davina.”

But now that it looks like he’s a single man once again it seems that he’s on board to make his television comeback!


We have to wonder though, can anything really match up to the explosive last season that brought us Troy’s laugh, Tracey’s lips and Nasser’s insanity? Especially if it’s as manufactured as this seems to be?

We guess we’ll just have to wait and see!