There’s no doubt that everyone around Australia is holding their breath in anticipation of the Married At First Sight reunion set to take place across two episodes this weekend.

And if you say you’re not, sorry but you’re lying.

After watching the ads for this season’s explosive finale, we’d say that these two episodes probably couldn’t get much better with major fights teased and the truth behind those cheating scandals set to be FINALLY exposed to the groups.

But yet, one cinema in Sydney have found a way to improve the experience that much more! Because a reality tv event like this one is one hundred percent deserving of a big screen and buttery, cinema popcorn.

That’s right, you can actually watch the final episodes of MAFS at a cinema in Sydney!


An event for a Married At First Sight Finale screening has popped up on Facebook at Event Cinemas in Castle Hill for both Sunday and Monday night’s with the description telling all MAFS fans to grab their popcorn and come and enjoy the drama.

And what’s even better? The event is FREE!!

“Come and enjoy all the drama of the reunion unfold on the big screen at our FREE Finale Screenings on Sunday and Monday night,” the event reads.

It’s all going down at Event Cinemas in Castle Hill on Sunday night at 7PM and Monday night at 7:30PM.


You can secure your seat by RSVPing to

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