Basically all of Australia watched this season of Married At First Sight so everyone should really know this one thing… Don’t mess with the Cylone!!

“Cyclone” Cyrell Paule, who earned her nickname after her explosive (and kinda legendary) behaviour on MAFS, has gone on an Instagram rant after a thief ruined her ‘Dirty Thirty’ Birthday celebrations over the weekend.

The reality TV star revealed that someone had stolen her purse while she partied with fellow MAFS contestants and other friends at Flamingo Lounge in Sydney’s Potts Point.

“I had the best Dirty Thirty… but then we get to Flamingo and some dirty dog – you stupid animal, I freaking hate you – decides to go steal my clutch with my money in there and my car keys,” she said in an Instagram story.

“Anyone know a locksmith?”


Cyrell then showed a locksmith working on breaking into her car, before revealing that he didn’t actually have the right equipment to make her a new key.

She then went on to say that the thief had “ruined” her night and that she hopes some serious karma was heading their way.

“Thanks to everyone that legit took the time to greet me happy birthday,” she said in another video.

“Seriously, thank you, except for that person who ruined my night that stole my clutch. I hope when you use my money you end up sh*tting diarrhoea for the next two weeks and you vomit it out of your mouth. Either, or, Karma’s a b*tch and I hope it gets back to you.”

The celebrations, which took place on Saturday night, were filled to the brim with fellow MAFS contestants, including Elizabeth, Melissa, Cam, Jules, Heidi, Ning, Lauren, Bronson and Billy.


Dean Wells from the previous season of MAFS was also seen in attendance along with Cyrell’s rumoured boyfriend and Love Island star, Eden Dally.

Unsurprisingly, the women who didn’t really see eye to eye with Cyrell during the show were absent, including Jessika, Martha and Ines.

Some reports are saying that Lauren, who was famously matched with Matthew the former-virgin on this season, was spotted kissing Billy, who had appeared on the show as Susie’s hubby. 

Although we don’t know how accurate this report is, after news spread yesterday that Billy was in a new relationship with a non-MAFS contestant

Either way, what an eventful night it was for Cyrell’s birthday bash!