ABC host Michael Rowland has absolutely slammed Channel Nine’s Married At First Sight, referring to the show as “the absolute cesspit of TV”. 

The host of ABC’s News Breakfast made the passionate comments on air this morning, following last night’s controversial reunion dinner party, which saw contestants Martha and Cyrell throwing red wine on each other

“I’ve never understood the appeal of this show. I fully appreciate it’s watched by gazillions, and well done Channel 9 for sustaining it, but this is a show that destroys relationships; it doesn’t celebrate relationships,” the news presenter told viewers.

“This is a show that encourages cheating and adultery. What sort of message is this show setting to teenagers like mine, who I’m trying to teach about the nature of stable, loving relationships? It’s the absolute cesspit of TV.”

The host proceeded to upload a video of his comments to Twitter with the caption: “Had to get this off my chest. Who’s with me?”


Married At First Sight’s final episode airs tonight at 7:30PM on Channel Nine.