Married At First Sight bride Natasha Spencer is much more than meets the eye. 

The 26-year-old has reportedly spent $30,000 on cosmetic procedures, including a breast enlargement, botox, fillers and Invisalign, as well as using the tanning drug Melanotan every day.

After spending years transforming her appearance after being viciously bullied, Natasha looks like a completely different person to how she was a few years ago.

Revealing her beauty and body maintenance regimen to her MAFS groom Mikey, Natasha listed what a “busy week” looks like for her.

“Botox, fillers, nails, hair, waxing, laser…” she recalls, rattling off – what feels like – a never-ending list.

“Facials, massages, fat freezing, solarium – and every night when I go to bed I inject my Melanotan. Teeth bleaching…”

Mikey’s response? “That’s a serious list of things that need to get done!”


We wouldn’t have recognised her!


Married At First Sight continues tonight at 7:30pm on Channel Nine.

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