Steve, Steve, Steve, normally we don’t side with you because we find you scary and aggressive, but in this case, we actually completely understand where you’re coming from.

Steve and MAFS wife Mishel had a huge fight this week after Steve told his wife that he doesn’t find her sexually attractive.

WHICH IS A HUGE BLOW. To hear that from your partner?? Are you serious? How does your self esteem ever recover?

This is also after WEEKS of Mishel publicly telling the group and the relationship experts that she’s been asking him to have sex repeatedly and Steve’s been brushing her off saying he ‘doesn’t want to force it’. 

On Wednesday night, Steve walked off set from anger. Mishel was yelling at Steve for not telling her sooner. Steve replies: “I was trying to work it through in my own head, that’s why I didn’t say anything”.

And this is what we’re talking about! It’s not Steve’s fault for once! He can’t HELP who he is attracted to, and it’s an incredibly hard thing to talk about. 

So KUDOS to him for trying to make it work and taking the time to think it through and find a way to tactfully say it. 


In the trailer for the commitment ceremony episode airing Sunday, things get pretty uncomfortable.

“It’s not the news, it’s the betrayal….it’s because you lied to me” Mishel says.

The teaser ends with Mishel announcing “I would like to leave as friends”, which is something YOU GUYS SHOULD HAVE DONE WEEKS AGO.

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