Cathy has claimed that Channel 9 didn’t portray the REAL Connie Craydon on our screens and that she was completely different on and off camera.

Apparently, Cathy has spilled that she wasn’t sweet and shy but actually acted like a ‘mean girl’.

You know those girls that always say “I get along with guys better than girls” and then go out of their way to not hang out with any females at all so they can “be one of the boys”.

Apparently that’s our doll Connie. 

KC Osbourne has also come out with tea about Connie to NW, saying that she “wishes everything was shown” during her second commitment ceremony on the couch.

“Connie was saying some horrible things about me while I was talking to the experts, like, ‘Oh my God, She’s disgusting….That’s why I was crying – not because of Stacey and Michael laughing”.

It was Connie that made her cry that day! 


That’s the plot twist of the century.

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