Madonna doesn’t like to take any chances while flying, so she makes sure to stock her private tour jet with religious literature. In fact she devotes  one of the plane’s seats for carrying holy books.

A source close to Madge tells Radar Online that the singer, a devoted follower of the mystical Jewish sect of Kabbalah, “demands an assigned seat on her jet for the Torah, books of Jewish scripture and other sacred Jewish writings.

She even demands extra hotel rooms for guests on the Jewish Sabbath, and has it written right into the rider with her list of hotel demands.”

And since she’s as obsessed with caring for her body as her soul, she also carries around a $14,000 “anti-aging” machine that she uses on her skin every day.

The snitch says, “She has one in each of her six homes, and now she won’t leave home without one. I don’t know if it works or not, but Madonna looks pretty good for a 57-year-old.”