Australian singer-songwriter Glenn Shorrock has sent a protest letter to The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon and Fallon himself for booking a performance by the Little River Band.

Shorrock, an original member of the Little River Band, is outraged by the current band “grinding our good name into dust”.

And now he has made his feelings known to Fallon. “I’ve written a strong letter to the production and/or Fallon outlaying my distress and outrage,”

Shorrock says. “I ended it (the letter) `if you do decide to put them on the show just pass on my message to go f*** yourselves'”, an angry Shorrock says.

The current Little River Band has not had an original member since the departure of Derek Pellicci 18 years ago but continues to perform the songs of Glenn Shorrock, Graeham Goble, Beeb Birtles and David Briggs under the LRB brand name.

“I don’t mind them doing their business. “They are entitled to the name that is legally their’s,” Shorrock says.

But Shorrock says he has advised his publishing company to deny permission for the broadcast of his songs by the band during the Fallon appearance.


“The wheels are in motion and publishing have raised their objection to it and if they do the songs they want to do, which I understand are Reminiscing and Lady, two of our biggest hits over there, then they will say no to it being performed,” he says.

The Little River Band has never officially broken up but over the years all of the original members have left.

The brand name is now the property of one time member Stephen Housden.

It’s understood Housden allows the current band to use the name and has also stopped the founding members from promoting themselves as former Little River Band members when they choose to tour. AAP

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