Bec and Lleyton Hewitt have welcomed three gorgeous children during their 11 years of marriage but according to Women’s Day, the couple are expecting their fourth child.

The magazine has published photos of the couple during a recent family holiday where the former actress is sporting an apparent ‘baby bump’.   

The publication is also claiming that the couple were reportedly spotted arguing during their trip and that the pregnancy was seen as a way to bring them closer and make Bec happy.

“There seemed to be a lot of tension between the two of them,” The magazine’s insider claimed.

According to reports by Women’s Day, the mother of three is feeling ‘lonely’ now her children are growing up and her husband is constantly away for work.

“Bec has talked about having another baby for ages – she feels lonely now all the kids are at school and Lleyton’s away so much because of his work,” the source claimed. 

“I think he just caved from all the pressure, and agreed to keep the peace – but it seems it has done anything but that!”