The simply iconic film ‘Parent Trap’ was released over 20 years ago but it looks like it’s not the last that we’ve seen of the cheeky twins!

Lindsay Lohan, who starred as the twin sisters that were separated at birth in the film, and the film’s director Nancy Meyers, are teasing that some sort of reunion is happening!

And honestly it’s about time!

Meyers shared a major throwback pic from the set of the 1998 film of her and Lindsay, from the scene where Hallie (or really Annie) meets the evil step-mum to be, Meredith Blake.

While the photo was enough to send us into a spin, the caption was even more exciting.

“I have some #ParentTrap news to share next week. #ItsGoingToBeFun. (Not a sequel. Sorry!)” she wrote.


Lindsay also retweeted an article about Meyer’s announcement on her official account. And it’s safe to say that fans were happy with the news!

“We’re shaking,” wrote one fan in response to the tweet.

“Oh my God!!! I would die!” another said.


In case you need a refresher, Parent Trap is all about twins Annie and Hallie who were separated at birth before finally meeting for the first time at a summer camp. Together, they come up with a plan to bring their family back together but of course there’s a few complications… i.e the evil Meredith.


We can’t wait to hear what they have in store for us! Stay tuned!