550 celebrities were asked a simple question: “Lennon or McCartney?” An amazing new video shows all of their answers, collected over the course of 10 years, as part of the endless John Lennon vs. Paul McCartney debate.

As Scared Goose Productions notes in the description of its new YouTube “documentary,” the various interviewees were instructed to answer the age-old pop culture question at some point in their unrelated press appearances. “Some stuck to one, some said more, some answered quickly, some thought it through, and some didn’t answer at all,” says the description.

Many of the answers are given by singer-songwriters, rock bands and other musicians, but there are also plenty of pop stars (such as Katy Perry, Lady Gaga and Justin Bieber), and Hollywood stars including Robert De Niro, Sylvester Stallone and Kevin Hart.

For some reason, the 550 respondents are grouped alphabetically by first name. It’s interesting to see who has an instant answer, and who takes his or her time. A lot of the celebs seem to be in pain over having to pick one. Some answer, “Harrison.” It’s pretty cool to watch

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