We’ve heard of Alcoholics Anonymous, Sex Addicts Anonymous and Gamblers Anonymous, but this is the first time we’ve heard someone coin the term “Leakers Anonymous”.

But that’s exactly what they’ve done for this hilarious video that will have you trying your hardest not to laugh as you desperately seek to tighten those pelvic floor muscles!

About a support group for women who suffer from bladder leakage, a disorder also known as “my pelvic floor muscles are completely shot!”, the ad for PeriCoach delivers some of our favourite one liners.

From: “No loose lips for leakers” to “…that’s why I’m crowd funding for my vaginal rejuvenation surgery” and “all I can think when I look at them is – it’s allergy season and I’m terrified to sneeze!”…this video will have you laughing – because it’s true!

From the creators of Postpartum: The Musical and The Period Fairy, these ads certainly provide a refreshing approach to women’s hygiene.


H/T: Ad Week

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