KISS is set to play a gig for Great White sharks.

You heard right.

On November 18, the rockers will make a literal splash when they perform a benefit concert for sharks in the Indian Ocean off the coast of Port Lincoln.

A handful of fins fans will get to come along for the two-and-a-half-hour experience.

The fans will be joined by event host, Matt Waller, who has been using rock music instead of bait to attract sharks to his glass-bottomed boat.

Two vessels will set off, the band will stay above board on one, while fans will be lowered beneath the surface in a submarine.

Using underwater speakers, the band will play and the sound won’t just be audible to fans, the frequency will attract the sharks, giving fans a great view of their activity.


The performance is part of a promotion by Airbnb Animal Experience, designed to have people entertain animals instead of having animals entertain humans, the company said.

It’s understood that KISS will be in full makeup and costumes and will play at least four songs.

Reservations open on October 14.

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