Over the past year the Kardashian/Jenner clan has been anything but silent about the issues they care about, and this Australian bushfire season has been no different. As news pours in from across Australia of the devastating effects of the fires, they’ve been tweeting links and videos on the involvement of climate change in the crisis as well as links to support the relief effort.

One follower, though, was not quite convinced that the billionaire family was doing enough, tweeting “Nothing gets me more heated than to see the Kardashians/Jenners talk about climate change/wildfires & not donate even a penny”

As Kardashian fans leapt to their defence, the tweet managed to catch the eye of the Kardashian clan themselves. The unsuspecting tweeter was then retweeted by Kim herself, who dismissed the accusation that they’d done nothing, mocking the tweet; “nothing gets me more heated than to see people think they know what we donated to and to think we have to publicise everything”


The original tweet was soon deleted as many of Kim’s 62 million followers followed Kim’s lead. Forgoing responding directly to the original tweet, Khloé tweeted out that “Good deeds should be done with intention and not for attention”.

Kardashian fans seem to be split on the issue, with some saying their avoidance of being ‘boastful’ is worthwhile, and others saying that their boasting would actually serve to draw more attention to the issue. While the family has not disclosed how much they’ve donated, the circus around this tweet seems to have brought the attention the family was trying to avoid in the first place.

Find out how you can contribute to the bushfire relief here.

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