Kerri-Anne Kennerley, 67, has been hospitalised after she fell 4.5m from a trapeze during a performance of the musical Pippin.

The incident happened during Wednesday night’s show in Sydney, and she could not finish her performance.

Kennerley recently spoke about getting ready to perform in the musical, telling The Senior, it was a “big learning curve”.

“It’s all about upper body strength and core work. In my big number, I have to get on a trapeze and go up 15ft,” she said.

“I’m helped by a very strapping, hunky trapeze artist, and we do several movements, including one called The Bird, and one where I have to hang by my feet.

”It’s a big learning curve, and I realise how active and tough this is going to be. It’s really coming home to roost now. But every day there is some improvement.”

It’s believed Kennerley did not suffer any major injuries and will return for the remaining shows at the Sydney Lyric Theatre.