We all know that Kellan Lutz played a very athletic, agile vampire in Twilight, and that when it comes to actors, he’s about as buff as they come.

But seeing photos he posted to his Facebook account on Wednesday have us seriously questioning his sanity.

Lutz posted stomach-lurching photos of himself excerising on the very edge of a cliff in Sydney’s Palm Beach.

Perched on the very tip of the cliff, Lutz was photographed doing handstands, sitting on the edge of the rock and hanging from the very edge.

This cliff happens to hang hundreds of feet above Palm Beach, and makes you a little sick, just by looking at it, especially because one little slip could spell tragedy for the adrenaline junkie.


‘I was able to fit in a quick workout while we were exploring these cliffs,’ he wrote in the Instagram caption.
‘I did 20 push ups & 20 pull ups, but don’t try this workout at home. Man, Palm Beach is stunning! #WorkoutWednesday’.

Source: Daily Mail

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