Keith Urban, who is currently on his Graffiti U world tour, shocked the crowd at his Nashville show with a ‘Big Little‘ surprise. 

It all started when Urban invited two fans on stage to meet him and his Oscar-winning wife, Nicole Kidman. Sharona and Christina thought they were simply going to spend some time with the Aussies. But, then he asked if they liked the television show, Big Little Lies.

“I am a huge fan of Big Little Lies!” one of the women replied. 

“Well you should meet someone else from Big Little Lies,” Urban said. “If we’re gonna be in Nashville, we should at least meet some Nashvillians.”

So, who appeared on stage? Reese Witherspoon (AKA the infamous Madeline Mackenzie), of course!


But that wasn’t the only surprise Urban had in store. He then brought out Carrie Underwood to sing their duet, “The Fighter.”

“Will it ever suck getting to sing with @keithurban ??? No. The answer is no,” she wrote. “I know you guys all had a blast! Thanks for having me up there with ya’ KU!”

Can we expect something similar for Keith’s Australian shows? We sure hope so!