Warning: Heavy spider footage (sorry arachnophobes)

Karl Stefanovic is Australia’s reaction king, yes that’s a thing I just made up. Renowned for his hilarious reactions, today on The Today Show he honestly represents us all when he is horrified with what happens in a live interview.

Amid the floods that are inundating NSW, spiders are literally coming from nowhere, trying to get to higher ground as their underground homes are flooded.

And yes, the scenes are the stuff of nightmares.

The spiders have made themselves home on Matt Lovenfosse’s property in Kinchela Creek in NSW who joined The Today Show this morning to discuss the bizarre occurrence. Thousands of spiders have climbed his fence and are waiting out the floods.

Matt, I don’t know who needs to tell you this, but you may need to burn down your fence.

I would say Matt either has the courage of 1000 bulls or is simply insane. Matt said the spiders don’t believe they’re dangerous and he LET THEM CRAWL OVER HIM!


Karl’s reaction is completely warranted saying that it was his worst nightmare and he gagged and freaked out. Karl, we couldn’t agree more.


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