Julia Morris steals the show with an epic blunder that confused the crowd and set social media alight. And of course she handled it in classic J-Mo fashion.

Julia Morris has stolen the show after making an epic blunder while presenting the award for Outstanding Entertainment Program.

After walking on stage alone, she began explaining why she wasn’t given a co-presenter.

“A lot of the boys on my “To Do” list simply weren’t available tonight,” she says.

She riffed for a few minutes about the number of men she approached to present the award with her.

And after getting so overwhelmed by her own joke, she completely forgot to read out the nominees and just announced the winner – The Voice.

After the judges from The Voice took to the stage and accepted the award, Julia realised her big mistake.


“Did I forget to talk about the nominees?” she asked the audience.

“It’s live, don’t tell anyone, we can cut it out later.

“We’re going to talk about the nominees later when I’m in really big trouble.

“It’s just inappropriate to talk about who they are now, isn’t it?”

She then decided it wasn’t too late.

“Let’s pretend it hasn’t happened, ladies and gentlemen, the nominees…I wish I had my glasses,” she said as she read out the nominees.


“Come on, why did it have to be me, couldn’t it be someone groovy who did that?”

But the stuff-up worked in J-Mo’s favour — with celebs and viewers taking to social media to pat her on the back for the hilarious mishap.

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