An app from China that puts an animated version of yourself in hilarious situations is currently sweeping the world! 

Called MyIdol you simply upload a picture of your face and it’s then transformed into a crazy looking animation that you can place in weird and wonderful situations!

Check out some clips that Jonesy & Damn have put together, firstly watch them doing some “unorthodox” dance moves…

You can also put yourself in situations that you can relate to, watch Jonesy chucking some moves on a motorbike….   

And Amanda dressed as a giant panda, just like she does at home…. 


This app is hours of fun, just download MyIdol (one word) and put you or your friends photos up to create some classic footage!

Be warned, it is a Chinese app with no English translation so you may take you an extra few minutes, but it’s fairly easy to navigate.


Want more? Listen to this best bit from Jonesy & Amanda!