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Well you can with Jonesy & Amanda’s JAMcast!

Segments include:

– Magnificent Seven

– Jalmanac 

– Behind the news with Keegan: Amanda has been nominated for the gold Logie!


– We speak to former Noiseworks star Jon Stevens 

– HeadJAM

– ‘Tricks of the trade – what do you know from the inside?’ We take your calls  

– Amanda’s wedding anniversary is on the same day as the Monaco grand prix 

– JAM-action Line:  Barnaby Joyce has been labelled a hypocrite for taking $150K to talk about his new relationship

– We talk with Ice Cube about his happenings in Australia as well as his iconic rap and movie career


– We revel in Amanda’s gold Logie nomination

– Hugh Grant’s baby timeline

– Why is Bunnings doing so terribly in the U.K

– Mariah Carey has sold her wedding ring from Packer for $2 million 

– We call our Secret W’s winner, who’s scored 50 thousand dollars

– Goolies


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TRENDING: Amanda Has Been Nominated For The Gold Logie

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