Jonesy & Amanda discovered a vintage promotional video for Windows 10 (!) from the 90’s featuring Friends stars Jennifer Aniston and Matthew Perry. 

It’s a real walk down memory lane as they discuss such technological marvels as ‘floppy disks’ and sending a fax via your computer!

While it was funny to see how dated this now is, turns out the TV stars aren’t the only ones to make a promo video for a company!

Exhibit A: Amanda Keller!

Watch this classic video she appeared in highlighting the marvels of Nokia phones!

Set like an Alfred Hitchcock/thriller movie, this video features Amanda playing the role of a spy tutoring a group about using a phone that now looks more like a brick rather than a cutting edge piece of technology!


Exhibit B: Brendan “Jonesy” Jones

In this promo from 2008 Jonesy wax’s lyrical the features of a Prius!

Yep, that’s right our gas guzzling, motorbike loving, petrol head Jonesy spruiked an electric car!

And finally here’s the Friend’s stars checking out the marvels of Windows 95 in a video, that just like Jonesy & Amanda we’re sure they wish they could forget!



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