(Words – Laura Thorburn, Photos – Rodney Magazinovic)

John Farnham and Olivia Newton-John, two of the most amazing performers to ever come out of Australia have joined together to create the Two Strong Hearts Tour, and the show in Adelaide was easily the best and most enjoyable concert I have ever attended.

10,000 fans filled the Adelaide Entertainment Centre for a night of amazing music, sing-alongs and of coarse, with John around, a lot of laughs. The atmosphere in the room was electric, seeing both Olivia and John having such as joyous time on stage was infectious to the crowd. Everyone felt important and like the show was just for them, these two talented performers are so humble and realise their fan base is one of the main reasons their careers are still going strong after so many years.

A roar of cheering filled the arena as John and Olivia took the stage along with The John Farnham Band and huge Orchestra. Opening together with Two Strong Hearts, it was obvious that the audience was in for a once in a lifetime experience and a night that they will never forget.

The show was arranged perfectly, giving both Olivia and John solo performances to showcase their own talent and hits, as well as, beautifully arranged duets to highlight their versatility and combined vocals. These two performing together was, without a doubt, one of the best combinations of talent I have ever heard. The way their voices compliment each other is perfect and their chemistry on stage is magnetic, their friendship and love for one another is easy to see.

My highlight duo performance was Burn For You which both Olivia and John sang as a duet, it was both heartfelt and stunning and a truly wonderful version of the song. Also, their performance of You’re The Voice was excellent, the audience were up on their feet almost instantly singing and clapping along and of coarse the bagpipes are always a nice touch.

Olivia fired off her hits, Magic, Have You Never Been Mellow and Xanadu and finished the first acts solo set with a stellar performance of I Honestly Love You, the hair on my arms stood up as I closed my eyes and became completely immersed in hearing the song live. That song was absolutely spectacular and what I saw when I opened my eyes was a woman who was so engulfed in the lyrics. Truly amazing.


Act two saw Olivia don her leather jacket and perform hits from Grease including Hopelessly Devoted To You, then out came John in leather pants to perform You Are The One That I Want and Summer Nights alongside her. They both have some serious moves, this became even more apparent during a joint performance of Physical which saw John attempting to twerk in the previously mentioned leather pants, now that was a sight to see!

John’s solo sets were immaculate, performing an array of hits including; That’s Freedom, Age Of Reason, Man Of The Hour and of coarse Pressure Down, which got the crowd up the front on their feet. I have always had an adoration for John and his incredible vocal ability, the fact that his voice is still amazing after all these years is a credit to his sheer talent. His performances coupled with his dirty humour and dad jokes made the night all the more fun.

John and Olivia performed a few covers throughout the evening, including a mash up of Fever and Hit The Road Jack, Tenterfield Saddler as a tribute to Peter Allen and the stand out cover must go to the encore of AC/DC’s It’s a Long Way to The Top, now that was fantastic!

This show was truly a dream come true for me, I have been a fan for as long as I can remember and I was not disappointed with the pure talent I witnessed. Add the fact that both Olivia and John walked through the crowd and were very close to where I was seated, it was easily the best concert experience of my life thus far. I really hope this won’t be the last time Adelaide get a show from either of these two because if either of them come back, you won’t want to miss it.

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