Led Zeppelin guitarist Jimmy Page visited CBS’ Late Show with David Letterman Thursday to plug the release of his self-titled photographic autobiography, and also to promote the recent reissues of the albums Led Zeppelin IV and Houses of the Holy.

The book contains hundreds of photographs personally chosen by Page, starting with snapshots of him from his family archives.

The guitarist told Letterman there’s even “a selfie in it” from “about 1970 or so.” When the late night host showed the audience a photograph of Page playing a double neck guitar in concert, the guitarist told Letterman, “The double neck comes as a result of recording the song ‘Stairway to Heaven.’” The song, as fans know, is the seminal track from Led Zeppelin IV.

Page said because there’s an acoustic guitar on the song, a six-string lead break and also 12-string overdubs, the only way to do it live was to get a double neck. When Letterman remarked that playing a 12-string can be difficult, Page joked, “The only thing is – I’ll be very honest with you – I could never play both necks at once.” To which Letterman remarked, “By God, THEN, you would’ve had a career!” “I know,” replied Page.

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