Jimmy Page has lost his battle with Robbie Williams over the British singer’s plans to refurbish his London home.

The pair have been locked in a dispute since Williams bought the mansion next to Page’s in 2013. The singer submitted two different remodeling plans to the local council that he later withdrew over Page’s objections.

Page’s Tower House is regarded as one of the most historic properties in West London and the guitarist feared that vibration from the work might damage his property.

The latest plans, which Williams submitted in March, include alterations to every floor, the removal of a swimming pool and gym and demolition and replacement of a garage. The council gave Williams permission to have the work done, subject to certain conditions being met.

The council report says, “Historic England has advised that the proposed works at the application site are modest and occur a reasonable distance away from the Tower House, and that there is no risk of the Tower House being affected by ground movement as a result.”