Aussie rock legend Jimmy Barnes has spoken about the horror of being in Bangkok during the devastating bombing.

The singer said a “ little tiny twist of fate” kept him and his family from being caught in the blast.

“We’re OK, you know. It’s one of those things – the more it sinks in,” Barnes told A Current Affair tonight.

“The longer we sit around … just frightening,” Barnes, 59, said.

Barnes said he and his family were “stunned” when they heard he explosion, which he immediately knew was a bomb.

“The whole place shook. The windows were wobbling … it was a very frightening thing,” Barnes told Nine.

“Families have been physically ripped apart by this, their loved ones. There are people who … (are) never going to feel safe.”


The former Cold Chisel frontman said the family’s plans changed because his grandson Dylan “needed a nappy change”.

“We just want to go home now, cuddle the dogs … breathe fresh air in Australia,” Barnes said.

Earlier today, he took to social media to tell how he could have been in the middle of the Bangkok blast were it not for a last-minute decision to take a different route to dinner.

Barnes, his Thai-Australian wife Jane, daughter Elly-May, her husband Liam Conboy and their young son Dylan, along with an Australian journalist, were booked for a five-star meal at Bangkok’s Intercontinental Hotel.

The devastating blast has claimed at least 22 lives but it is unconfirmed whether any Australians are among the dead or seriously injured.

Jane Barnes @jane13barnes


A bomb or something has exploded in Bangkok, very close to us! #explosioninBangkok

9:59 PM – 17 Aug 2015

Instead of crossing the busy intersection, the group chose to walk on an overhead bridge that linked their accommodation — the Erawan Hotel — for the few days of stopover on their way home from a holiday in Hua Hin.

It is a decision that could have saved their lives, with the explosion ripping through the intersection as they walked across the footbridge.

In a post Barnes placed on his Facebook page, Barnes said he and his family were “lucky to be alive”.

“We walked the long way around to get to a restaurant because we had my grandson Dylan with us, and that probably saved our lives.


“Had we gone the direct route we would have been right where the bomb exploded, in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Barnes said at first, he didn’t realise how devastating the blast had been.

“We now know that many people lost their lives or were hurt.

“All those families will be left with pain and sadness that will stay with them forever. Our prayers and our love go out to all those people and our thanks also go out to everyone who reached out to see if we were all right.”

He also sang praise for the locals.

“The Thai people are beautiful people and we send all our love out to them in this time of great pain.


“Thankfully we are fine but this is a reminder that life can change in a heartbeat.

“Hold the ones you love close to you and enjoy every moment you get to share with them in this life.

“Love is the way. Hate and anger only bring pain and suffering.

David Campbell ✔@DavidCampbell73

Relieved to know my father and family are ok. They were close to the bomb but unharmed. My thoughts to all whose lives were lost #Bangkok

6:38 AM – 18 Aug 2015


The journalist with the Barnes family said they were “about 50 metres away” from the blast zone.

Barnes and the journalist left the rest of the family to survey the scene, hearing reports that the blast was a motorcycle collision or an exploding gas tank on a taxi, before being reunited at the Intercontinental Hotel, with Barnes heading to a convenience store for nappies.

The group then managed to make their way back to their hotel.

“We have been able to cross back to our hotel,” his wife Jane tweeted.

“Bombs diffused (sic). Bodies still covered on road, terrible, so sad.”

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