Former Top Gear host Jeremy Clarkson has weighed in on Oprah’s interview with Harry and Meghan by taking a swipe at Markle’s relevance.

Clarkson shared his thoughts on the Harry and Meghan situation in an opinion piece for The Sun newspaper, in which he also defended his former foe Piers Morgan.

In the op-ed, Clarkson labelled Markle a “silly little cable TV actress”, before going on to make a prediction about the Duchess of Sussex.

“Trust me on this one. Markle’s toast, and within five years, I suspect she’ll be posing for photographs, on her own outside the Taj Mahal or sitting on the back of a playboy’s yacht in the Med, and poor old Piers will realize that he lost his job over absolutely nothing at all,” Clarkson wrote.

The Grand Tour host went on to write that he found the interview with Oprah “weird”, admitting that for the first time he was “in full agreement with both Nigel Farage AND Piers Morgan.

Piers Morgan’s much-spoken about response to the Oprah interview ended with him famously storming off the set of his TV show Good Morning Britain.

In response to the interview, Morgan said that he “didn’t believe a word” that Markle had said, Morgan’s public response to Harry and Meghan’s interview attracted over 57,000 complaints, the most ever filed with the British regulator.

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