Jeff Lynne’s ELO has revealed they’ll release a new studio album November 13.  Titled Alone in the Universe, the record will be the first new collection of original ELO songs from the group since the 2001 Electric Light Orchestra album, Zoom.

Alone in the Universe is available for pre-order tomorrow and the album’s lead single, “When I Was a Boy” is released as well.  You can check out the song now at ELO’s official VEVO YouTube channel, while a lyrics video will premiere on the website overnight.  The song is a mid-tempo rock ballad that features the band’s classic Beatles-in-outer-space sound.

ELO frontman Jeff Lynne continues in his role as the group’s singer, guitarist, songwriter, producer and arranger.  “Music is such a powerful force in our lives,” he says.  “A good song can make people feel much less alone in this universe.  And trying to create one of those songs somehow makes me feel less alone too.  My whole life — from being that kid with a dream in Birmingham right up until today proves how much music can do.”

Columbia Records president Ashley Newton adds, “Jeff Lynne is a total master of his craft and Alone in the Universe is pure pop perfection.  We are thrilled to be involved in the return of ELO and enormously proud to be releasing this contemporary classic.”

Lynne, who’s also known for his work as a producer and as a member of the super-group The Traveling Wilburys, reactivated ELO last year for a sold-out concert in London’s Hyde Park.  A home video of the event titled Jeff Lynne’s ELO: Live in Hyde Park was released earlier this month.