Just shy of making the top five, Janine Allis was voted out of Australian Survivor last night after spending a whopping 44 days in the Fijian jungle.

The 54-year-old founder of Boost Juice, who has an estimated network of $66 million, spoke to Jonesy & Amanda about her experience in the jungle – including her strategies and consequential alliances – and who she hopes to see take the title of Australian Survivor 2019.

“For me, it was always looking ahead and whoever was the most trusted person was the person I wanted to stay with the closest because Survivor is about manipulation.

“As you know, there was a love affair on there called Pia and me, and we were tight as, so she was my number one and then Abbey was strong from the start, and then Luke.

“Unfortunately Luke got into Abbey’s ear and told her a Survivor lie that we were going to take Luke to the final three, which wasn’t true but he got into her head and she sort of then flipped.


“But that’s part of the game!”

However, the big question Jonesy & Amanda (and all of us!) wanted answered revolved around hygiene. Admit it – you’ve always wondered whether contestants can brush their teeth and have ‘secret’ showers during their stay!

“There’s perfectly good soot in the ground for your teeth apparently so I don’t know why we buy toothbrushes anymore,” she told us.

“The interesting thing is no one smelt of BO [body odour] and the reason being is because of what we were eating.

“We were eating so clean – no artificial flavours, no preservatives, no sugar. We smelt of smoke and dirt but we didn’t smell of BO and I thought that was really interesting.”


So, has Janine’s experience in the jungle rubbed off on her life back home?

“There’s two things I took out of it – I’m a lot better at nighttime on digital.

“I learnt that you really do develop great relationships by getting off the digital and actually sitting down and having a chat.

“The second thing was, I have a hippy son who loves to live on the earth so I got to understand him more because I found that I was very happy in my environment in Survivor and I learnt that you didn’t need stuff to be happy.

“I was also less stressed, funnily enough, on Survivor than I was in my beautiful house, and beautiful bed and beautiful pillow!”


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