Missed some of the show this morning or just want to hear it again?

Well you can in today’s JAMcast!

Segments Include:

• Jonesy hurts himself supping yesterday & Harley’s birthday yesterday

• Jonesy & Amanda’s discuss yesterdays argument and the feedback it got on Facebook

• What Gets My Goolies

• Small Penis Convention


• Weird olden day names

• Jonesy’s Big Fact

• A Mons Pubis – It’s the new thing

• The Block’s Darren Jolly’s headache

• London’s sewer system turns 150

• Mail Bag – we get a package (a book of puns)


• The woman who can’t be silenced Ros Reines drops by

• We asked: How old’s your undies?

• Motley Crue drummer Tommy Lee called through for a chat

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