Sportsbet is renowned for its weird and wacky commercials so it comes as no surprise that Todd Carney would agree to star in their latest campaign promoting the brand’s new iPhone betting app.

For those unfamiliar with the new ad, Carney is referred to as a “Whiz Kid” as he holds up the Sportsbet app, saying how easy it is to use. He is standing next to a replica of the Belgian Manneken Pis statue, a sculpture of a boy urinating. In the ad, the statue is urinating into his own mouth.

Todd Carney joined Jonesy & Amanda to tell his side of the story about the infamous ‘bubbler’ incident, as well as, pardon the pun, take the piss out of the incident by chatting about his cheeky new ad.

“When an organisation like that comes to me – and they are a sponsor with the NRL – and they’ve forgot about it, hopefully it shows that people have moved on from it,” Carney said.


“I moved on from it a long time ago because it was a stupid thing in my career.

“The first things that I did at Canberra, obviously drinking driving and stuff, they are things that people should still be reminding me of, which I’m ashamed of.

“I’m ashamed of the bubbler because obviously it ends and it’s not a good look, and I’m gonna have to live with it.”

However, as Jonesy said: “The Sportsbet ad is a double edged sword!”

By featuring in the ad and writing his new book ‘Hard Truth’, Carney doesn’t believe in trying to forget everything that has happened in his life as it “creates who are you because everything happens for a reason”.

“I’m happy to move forward and get it out there, and continue to move forward”.


For the 33-year-old, it’s all about owning your mistakes, and becoming a stronger person for it.

Hear more from our chat with Todd Carney in the video above!

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