Michelle Bridges is one of the strongest (both physically and mentally) people we know.

Not only was she able to navigate through the media’s intense scrutiny of her at the beginning of the year with her head up high, but she’s developed a brand new workout fitness program for men only.

“I have a lot of men do my 12-Week Body Transformation program because their wife is doing it or their significant partner is doing it and they just sort of follow along, lose some weight and get great results,” she told Jonesy & Amanda.

“I thought, we can do better for our blokes! We can actually design a program by men for men and I’ve got my head trainer Todd Liubinskas who’s actually gone and put this whole program together.”

However, it hasn’t all been this easy for Michelle, particularly given the difficulties she faced at the beginning of 2020.

“It’s been a pretty tough old year and I’ve had to dig deep to find my own resilience, and the one thing I think that’s really astounded me is the compassion of humanity.”

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Michelle’s 12WBT bloke’s program launches Monday, August 17. 
Click here for more information.

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