Ronan Keating joined the Jonesy & Amanda in studio this morning after flying into Sydney for a very special cause.

Along with numerous homegrown acts and of course a special performance from Queen and Adam Lambert, Ronan Keating offered up his musical services last night to perform at the Fire Fight Concert at ANZ stadium.

The Fire Fight concert was put together in order to help raise money for those affected by our recent devastating bushfire season that saw numerous states on fire and a horrific loss of lives and wildlife.

Speaking with Jonesy & Amanda about the bushfire relief concert, Ronan told us that he was left absolutely heartbroken to see what Australia has been going through.

Despite living thousands of miles away, he knew that he had to do something to help those suffering Down Under.


“Part of the reason I wanted to do this was that, to let people know that we heard you, you’re not alone,” he explained.

“It was heartbreaking, devastating… I spend a lot of time in Australia, I spend a lot of time in London, and sometimes stories don’t translate, they don’t communicate, they don’t travel and it was nice to know you’re heard.

“We felt your pain and that’s why I wanted to be there.”

Speaking about the actual Fire Fight Concert yesterday, Ronan told us that it was an unbelievable experience.

“It was magic!” he told us.

“What a bill.”


It truly was a concert like no other with acts like Queen and Adam Lambert, 5SOS, Guy Sebastian, John Farnham, Olivia Newtown John and many others playing at the stadium.

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