Long gone are the sweet, innocent days of Strawberry Kisses or the Sydney Olympics opening ceremony!

The Alien was unmasked during last night’s episode of the hit new show on Channel 10, and when that strawberry blonde hair fell out of the mask it was unmistakable that Nikki was, in fact, the celeb!

Nikki Webster – who is now the mother of two children – spoke to Jonesy & Amanda about her experience on the show as well as her daughter’s adorable reaction to finding out that she was the The Masked Singer’s Alien.

“She had no idea! I watched her, I didn’t even watch the TV,” she said before mimicking her daughter’s utterly adorable reaction.

“She’s jumping on the bed, she just went absolutely crazy!”


However, she didn’t understand how there were two Nikki Webster’s!

Watch her gorgeous reaction above!