Over the past few months there have been a number of alleged sightings of the infamous Blue Mountains Panther.

In may a man claimed he was stalked by the creature while he was bush walking with his son at Emu Plains


Then late last month a man posted this picture of a large cat-like creature that he took at night at Blackheath. 

NOW a couple who were on a fishing trip near Kanimbla, just west of the Megalong Valley, have shared this shocking footage of a highly unusual looking creature.

The man, called Steve explained, 

“We were down there fishing and we thought we’ll go and have a look at this new development that’s up on the hill, a big church,”


“We went up there to have a look and my partner Belinda said ‘look at that over there, it looks like a big black cat.”

What do you think? 

It’s certainly the most authentic looking evidence we’ve seen so far about this legendary creature, do YOU believe?

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