It’s been a conspiracy theory since the ’80s, but how accurate are the rumours that Rick Astley and Kylie Minogue sound identical after changing the speed on their songs?

Let us explain – if you play the seven-inch version of Kylie’s ‘I Should Be So Lucky’ at 33rpm, instead of its actual 45rpm, it sounds like Rick is singing.

In an interview with Jonesy & Amanda, Rick Astley even admitted that his and Kylie’s voices are remarkably similar, but thankfully, they are not the same person.

Back in 2018, the pair quashed these rumours by performing ‘I Should Be So Lucky’ and ‘Never Gonna Give You Up’ at the Radio 2 Hyde Part Festival.

But, you’ve got to admit – the similarities are uncanny.

Don’t believe us? Have a listen!


Listen to our full interview with Rick Astley below:

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