INXS rocker Tim Farriss is facing a year of recovery before he will find out if he can play guitar again after almost losing a finger in a horrific boating accident.

The star was taken to hospital in Sydney, Australia in January after severing a digit on his left hand in the accident with an anchor winch, and medics managed to reattach it during a delicate operation.

Now he has revealed it will take at least a year before his bandaged hand is fully recovered from the surgery, and he still does not know if the injury to the third finger will prevent him from playing his guitar.

Farriss is aiding his rehabilitation with light work tending his farm on Australia’s South Coast, and he tells the Sydney Daily Telegraph, “It’s going as well as can be expected. I will be strapped for another year – the whole finger came off pretty much, so the recovery was never going to be fast.” 

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