Kmart has released cheap as chips home galaxy projector system!

It’s going for $69 which is NOTHING if you look up what a solid galaxy projector normally goes for ($100+)

The projector is part of the ever-growing popular Genio brand and is called ‘Mirabella Genio Wi-Fi Nebula & Star Projector‘, but don’t get excited…

The product has gone viral and despite JUST dropping in stores, appears to be sold out online and I’m going to assume in-store also.

The projector projects a dazzling display of colour-changing stars and nebula in an inoffensive projection onto the walls of your room and the product boasts you can ‘enjoy the wonders of the cosmic atmosphere at your home.’

The system is remote control and can be operated from anywhere through the Genio app, it connects to Wi-Fi, can be set to timers, has dimmability functions and best of all?


You can connect it to your Google Home or Alexa so through your voice you can step into another dimension!

Lasers Star Projector

Because the product is so new, reviews don’t seem to be available just yet.

Have you purchased one of these yet?

How is it doing for you?



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