It’s truly the merriest time of the year and maybe it’s time to do something a little different.

Cannoli Rush, an ONLINE cannoli service (the future is now), is owned by brothers Matt and Jordan Marchetta whose Italian family have over 35 years of Italian pastry making skills.

If you don’t know what cannoli is, we cannot be friends, it’s my FAVOURITE dessert EVER.

So imagine my excitement when I find out that Cannoli Rush is selling a cannoli Christmas wreath!

The classic wreath has a combination of vanilla, chocolate and ricotta cannoli but if you’re ordering in advance, you can get a cookies and cream version!

The cookies and cream version doesn’t go soft overnight, you’ll get at least 3 days of crispness out of it!

They’ll deliver the wreaths up until Christmas Eve- The dedication brings a tear to my eye.


The wreaths range from $64 to $139 + delivery depending on how many people you’re planning to feed.

Order here if you want to have the merriest Christmas you’ve ever had!

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