It’s one of the most popular shows on television, but MasterChef Australia judge Jock Zonfrillo has admitted to feeling “utterly miserable” filming the reality program in Melbourne earlier this year.

While many may assume this emotion sprouted from the long days filming or the food being plated up by the contestants (doubt it!), it has more to do with being apart from his wife and children.

“My wife went back to Adelaide with my two children while we kept filming,” Zonfrillo told Jonesy & Amanda, explaining that this was precautionary due to the spread of COVID-19 and the little knowledge we had of it at the time.

“I was on set with over 100 people. It seemed like the safest thing to do but I was utterly miserable on my own for six weeks, it was awful,” he continued.

The renowned chef then went on to express the difficulty of social distancing on set but knew it was pivotal in stopping the spread.

“It was very unusual and this week is the first week on air with the social distance malarkey.”

He added, “It’s just something we have to get used to, but then someone’s emotional, and you just want to give them a hug so it’s very difficult and weird!”


However, the MasterChef judge wasn’t afraid to admit that he had eaten a bat in the past, and quite enjoyed the experience.

“I’ve eaten so much weird things. I know it’s a bat but when you’re there [in Vanuatu], the bat is nothing and you learn more about them. It’s delicious over a fire!”

That’s not the only bizarre thing the chef has eaten.

“In Ethiopia, they kill the cow and take the hump out raw, and you eat it… raw! Oh, and that was just the beginning, they then start cutting out the fermented grass from the stomach.


“Man, I struggled with that experience!”

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