After hearing that a ride-share driver had accidentally mistaken a stairwell for a driveway in Bondi, our very own Amanda Keller couldn’t help but chime in with her experience… and sympathy.

“It was a magazine launch at the backlots of Fox Studios,” she began. “When it came time to leave, I thought I’d leave early before all the people in this room.”

If you are familiar with Fox Studios, then you would completely empathise with Amanda’s mistake of taking the wrong turn.

“I find an entrance, and I’m driving down, and I go ‘what’s happened?'” she recalled.

It was at that moment that she realised she was driving through a pedestrian mall!


“There are people coming out of the cinema who were walking behind me carrying show-bags that they’d got from the event… walking beside my car”.

She added, “I’m asking people to move so I can drive pass them”.

After a few excruciating minutes of politely asking people to move, Amanda made it down to the end only to discover bollards blocking her from turning around!

“I finally found a security button, and pressed it, and said that I’d been having some trouble.”

Their response? “Yes, we’ve been watching”.

Admit it – we have all been in similar situations, and there’s absolutely no denying that.


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