The Prawn mask certainly put on an entertaining performance of Robbie Williams’ ‘Let Me Entertain You’ on The Masked Singer last night! So, of course we were surprised to see the crustacean voted out at the end of the episode!

The one good thing about the Prawn getting the boot though, is that we got to see which celebrity was hiding behind that mask…

And low and behold, it was none other than Scottish-Australian actor Darren McMullen!

We’ve seen Darren on shows like Seachange, House Husbands, and ‘The Voice’, but we never knew he could sing. However, it turns out that singing has always been a passion of the 37-year-old.

Speaking with Jonesy & Amanda this morning, Darren revealed that hiding behind the mask was the perfect way to rid him of his self-doubt.


However, he was under the impression that he would only have to sing masked.

“I didn’t know that, thankfully, because I would’ve been in my head about that.

“All of a sudden you do your bit, and it’s a bit of a blur and the adrenaline’s pumping and they’re like, ‘okay take us out’ and I’m like ‘what do you mean?’ and they’re like ‘sing!’ and I’m like, ‘I’m singing again?'”

With a little help from a few whiskeys, Darren was able to sing his heart out without the mask.


“I’ve always dreamed of being on Broadway or doing some sort of musical theatre,” he told us.

And his dream role? King George III in Hamilton!

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