On Tuesday night, SAS Australia’s Koby Abberton opened up to his fellow recruits about his “wild night” with Russell Crowe.

Speaking with Jonesy & Amanda, the Bra Boy admitted that telling the story was “the wrong thing” and it wasn’t as “wild” as he portrayed.

“It wasn’t a wild night.”

However, his retelling of the story on SAS didn’t suggest that.

“I went to his house, and I took my manager there,” he said.

“My manager doesn’t drink or smoke. Next thing I look across at him and he’s smoking joints and drinking beers.”

He added, “Russell comes out in a gladiator mask. We start wrestling and s**t, having the best time ever. And my manager just starts laughing his head off, then starts projectile vomiting all over Russell’s house.


“Russell runs back in his room, and I’m just like, ‘Spew in your shirt right now’, so he was tucking his shirt in and [throwing up in it].

“I was wiping it up trying to hide it and Russell walks in and goes, ‘Mate, I’ve got video cameras everywhere!’. We had the best time.”

Don’t believe everything you hear!

Hear our full chat with Koby Abberton: