Hunters & Collectors signed with Mushroom’s White Label in 1981 and spent its entire career with Mushroom. Michael Gudinski started the White Label to house Hunters & Collectors.

 “We’ve always aimed to sound Australian,” Mark Seymour noted in 1986. Drummer Doug Falconer called it “The Great Aussie Tug”, referring to the roaring backbeat necessary in a pub environment.

Paul Kelly remembers seeing the band in the ’80s, when they were “gathering an army”.

 “Their audience was mainly young men, hungry for devotion,” Paul observed in his memoir. “Hunnas had a big, fat industrial bass sound, an anthemic horn section, and their singlet-clad singer, as fit as a trout, held nothing back.”

ANTHOLOGY tracklist

1. World of Stone

2. Talking To a Stranger


3. Alligator Engine

4. Skin of Our Teeth

5. Sway

6. Judas Sheep

7. I Believe

8. The Slab


9. Little Chalkie

10. The Way To Go Out

11. 42 Wheels

12. Carry Me

13. Say Goodbye

14. Throw Your Arms Around Me


15. Everything’s On Fire

16. Dog

17. This Morning

18. Inside a Fireball

19. January Rain

20. Do You See What I See?


21. Still Hangin’ Around

22. What’s a Few Men

23. Under the Sun

24. Back On the Breadline

25. When the River Runs Dry

26. Blind Eye


27. The Way You Live

28. Head Above Water

29. Holy Grail

30. True Tears of Joy

31. We the People

32. Where Do You Go?


33. Hear No Evil

34. Easy

35. Back In the Hole

36. Wasted In the Sun

37. Suit Your Style

38. She’s Not Fooling Around


39. Long Way To the Water

40. Know Your Product

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